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Tract is a space for writers to immerse either in one object or in one moment, either in prose or in a poem.

Choose any Object you'd like, such as a piece of fruit, a painting/sculpture, your lover's body, or an electronic device.

The Moment you choose might be standing in the check-out line, the remnant of a dream, a trauma, or a turning point in a famous story. It could include snippets of dialogue or action.

The results may be mundane, disturbing, or tender; symbolic, political, or surreal.

Beginning with these formats in mind, we will be glad to see experimentation. We are interested in the way detail, repetition, and varied approaches toward a subject can create meaning while avoiding interpretation. We are interested in writing as an activity that immerses us in the world and its mystery.



We will be releasing our first issue December 2015 and are accepting submissions until the first of November.

Submit from one to four pieces by November 1, 2015 for December 2015 publication. Any one piece of poetry or prose should not exceed one page (Times New Roman, 12pt font, single-spaced; around 500 words for prose). Email your work in .doc, .pdf or .odt format to For each piece submitted, please indicate whether it belongs in the Objects or in the Moments section.

Simultaneous submissions will not considered. Previously published pieces will be considered, but please give us those details at the time of your submission.

Authors of pieces chosen for publication will receive two copies of the published issue.